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Company :Hua Source Technology Co.,LTD
Address: 175 Building , ChiLingTou , LongHua,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
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       Hua source technology China adhering to the world energy conservation is a research project of the LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer,which is one of the few quality lighting provider in China , it is the quality and price advantages that helps it to occupy an irreplaceable status,and  its products can sell well  at home and abroad.moreover, it also win the trust of most users with its stabilized quality and advantage price .       The company constantly develop new products to satisfy the customers requirements.the productsare mainly levels; high, medium and low end. low-end products,whose light source mainly adoptsTaiwan chip, such as wafer, light macros, etc.,      The medium-end product,whose light source mainly adopts chip global second-line brand, such as:Birdgelux and the high-end products,whose light source mainly adopts Samsung and CREE.      Hua source technology company is main products are: Tube lamp, Spot lamp, PAR lamp, Bulb and Fountains lamp  as well as wall lamp product appearance Unique, unique design concept, with strong competitiveness in the market and independence, and  no one can be better than it , let alone replace it .       Each product of the company in the market has strong competitiveness on whether configuration or price.    &...
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